7 February – 28 May 2008

From February 2008 until summer 2009, Witte de With presents monthly lectures by leading art historians under the title Cornerstones. Each lecture focuses on the work of one key artist, whose practice may be understood as a foundation for the development of contemporary art and culture. The speakers of 2009 include Ina Blom, Chantal Pontbriand, Anne Wagner, Helmut Friedel en Mieke Bal.

The series brings together a broad scope of experts, all of whom have made lasting contributions to the contemporary art world and are an authority in their field. The speakers include professors at renowned universities, pioneers of art education, and leading institutional directors. Witte de With asked each speaker to choose as a point of departure an artist who has had an influence on their own academic practice. They will therefore share their fascination with this work, sometimes illustrated by personal anecdotes and experiences. Many of the speakers have worked closely with their chosen artist throughout their careers, enabling them to give a unique twist to existing art historical accounts.

The Cornerstones lectures do not only reflect upon recent art historical developments, but also offer an insight into the contemporary art world by means of art historical analysis. Through this series, Witte de With bridges art’s theory and practice, bringing together both intellectual and intuitive approaches. Cornerstones is aimed at a public with a broad interest in art and culture, as much as at arts students and professionals. Illustrated with striking images, the lectures also provide a point of access for an audience less familiar with recent art history.

The Cornerstones are also designed to complement Witte de With’s 2008 exhibition program, which presents exclusively solo exhibitions. The impulse behind these exhibitions and the theory program is one and the same: to create moments of concentration around a singular practice, by putting the work of an individual artist under the spotlight.