On 3 February 2013, a group of participants within Moderation(s) – Heman Chong, Latitudes (Mariana Cánepa Luna and Max Andrews), Nadim Abbas, Mimi Brown, Chantal Wong, and Yuk King Tan – surrendered their mobile phones, tablets and laptops, before visiting the Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong. They spent the next eight hours consulting the archive and engaging in multiple discussions around collectivity, time and knowledge triggered by archival resources.
The results of these processes will be present on a temporary shelf within the Asia Art Archive, where a host of bookmarks, Post-it notes, and jottings placed within books and documents will be the main protagonist in revealing the traces of an extended interpersonal conversation.

This intervention took place during Latitudes residency at Spring, where the curatorial duo created Incidents of Travel, inviting four Hong Kong based artists – Nadim Abbas, Ho Sin Tung, Yuk King Tan and Samson Young – to develop day-long tours, thus retelling the city and each participant’s artistic concerns through personal itineraries and waypoints.