Accompanying the exhibition Tris Vonna-Michell, Witte de With released a limited edition 7′ vinyl entitled Tall Tales and Short Stories.


Finding Chopin: In Search of Holy Quail is a sequel to ? or continuation of ? the project Down the Rabbit-Hole (2006-2007). It is the artist?s attempt to make sense of the recent theft of objects from one of his exhibitions. These items played the role of performative props and relics in Down the Rabbit-Hole. They now become a reconstructed verbalized entity as a 7” vinyl. One of the few items left after the theft was an egg-timer, which was always used as a durational tool to shape the information and experience of the performances (it was given to the audience to select the duration of the story they were about to hear). During the recording process, the egg-timer was used once again; to limit the storytelling to the maximum duration for a 45rmp track, thus inducing an ever-present sense of urgency, as the artist is pushed to complete the tales before the egg-timer intervenes.


Ryzard’s 6th Explanation on why fish are defecting west comprises of in total 11 live explanations from a defecting Soviet looking for a room to rent in London. The explanations took place throughout the night of September 23rd 1982 on voltage controlled multiple Revox tape-recorders. What started as a brief conversation became hours of neural saturation and fatigue for every thing and one concerned. This was a live event with no post production treatment.