David Lamelas – A New Refutation of Time is the catalogue and special edition published at the occasion of the exhibition A New Refutation of Time, that was presented at Witte de With between 5 April – 25 May 1997.

A New Refutation of Time is the title of an essay by Jorge Luis Borges read in Lamela’s 1970 film Reading of an Extract from ‘Labyrinths’ by J.L. Borges.

In the catalogue David Lamelas – A New Refutation of Time, as in the eponymous exhibition, focus is drawn on the development of Lamela’s work from the early sixties to the mid-seventies. During this period the notion of time appears in numerous works that explore the possibilities of literary and cinematographic fiction in the visual arts. For Lamelas, the dialectic relations between a static and a moving image intensify the perception of reality like in a narrative construction. The exhibition aimed to rediscover one of the founders of an artistic practice that questions institutions, the status of art and the art market, and that connects the reality of the image with analytical questioning and poetic perception. By rounding up the information on the unprecedented initiators of what is considered a self-evident artistic practice, it is intended to broaden and deepen the discussion on the renewed role of art today.

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