As part of the Rotterdam festival De Wereld van Witte de With 2009 and as the closing event of Billy Apple’s solo-exhibitions A History of the Brand and Revealed/Concealed, Witte de With presents It’s a new brand world – a project by young people for young people. It offers a reflection on the ubiquitous and of-the-moment topic of branding.

Join The Exciting Museum at De Wereld van Witte de With!

Become The Exciting Director of the The Exciting Museum. In order to join the competition: download the job application form, fill in and send it to [email protected] or hand it in on Friday at 5 p.m.

It’s a new brand world presents two alternative spaces on the Witte de Withstraat. Here, they will introduce you to The Exciting Museum, a soon-to-open art institution.

On the agenda are several activities linked to designing the identity of The Exciting Museum. In a photo-booth, you can create a postcard with your self-portrait and choose the ideal location for The Exciting Museum. Additionally, you can act as a curator and decide on The Exciting Collection. The next step is to challenge yourself and participate in the competition to become The Exciting Director. One of the highlights of the program will be the “How to brand yourself” workshop by Neil Taylor, a branding expert from London, who, together with the audience, will explore the art of branding.

With “there are boundaries” as the central topic of the festival, the project aims to question the ‘branded world’ we live in today. The thin line between art and marketing, professional and amateur, fosters a reflection about the new possibilities and challenges for the art world in relation to branding. The direct contact with the festival’s participants and the creation of an interactive and appealing experience will provide the possibility to establish an active dialogue between the audience and the institution, tearing down the boundaries between the visitor and the art world.

It’s a new brand world is: Marijke Appelman, Lola Bezemer, Iwona Lopacinska, Eric Roelen, Coen van de Steen, Weronika Zielinska and Pamela Zúñiga.

The Exciting Museum can be found on both corners of the Witte de Withstraat and Boomgaardstraat. Opening hours are similar to the festival’s: Friday 5 – 11 p.m, Saturday 12 – 11 p.m, Sunday 12 – 6 p.m.

At the process of exchanging ideas and inspirations can be followed. Become a fan on Facebook.

Corner Witte de Withstraat – Boomgaardstraat, Rotterdam