Coartadas / Alibis provides a critical perspective on Mexican society.

Increasing globalization has in recent years sharpened the social and economic contrasts in Mexico. Multinationals have a stranglehold on the national economy, the people suffer under shortages, and some population groups are structurally marginalized. The government fails to provide an answer to these problems. The tension between the traditional political order and the need for social change manifests itself prominently in the megalopolis Mexico City whose inhabitants confront daily uncertainties with various survival strategies.

In response to these developments, artists have organized themselves in new art centers, devoted to political and esthetic explorations. They infiltrate in the status quo, explore possibilities for resistance against existing power structures, and utilize shifting identities to respond to a public space marked by rapid change and shifting social relations.

Guest-curator: Magali Arriola

Coartadas / Alibis was produced in collaboration with the Centre Culturel du Mexique in Paris, France.