Witte de With invites you to the opening of its exhibitions, please join us on Thursday 26 January for the VIP Preview between 4 - 5 pm and the opening from 5 pm onwards.

Eric Baudelaire — The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra

The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra is the largest monographic presentation of the work of Eric Baudelaire to date and features his latest feature length film Also Known As Jihadi (2017). Baudelaire’s oeuvre has ceaselessly and open-endedly engaged with histories of images, cinema, radical militancy, and violence by or against the state. Spanning over a decade of artistic production across installation, print, photography and film, the exhibition follows his sustained attempts to find a form that accommodates the often catastrophic complexity of contemporary life. The exhibition draws on a reoccurring leitmotif in Baudelaire’s work, that of the ‘return’. Here, historical trajectories become looping re-visitations rendered both through the art works themselves and ghosted through their spatial realization.

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Laure Prouvost — the wet wet wanderer part of Para | Fictions

the wet wet wanderer is a new work by Laure Prouvost drawing from a particular passage in her feature-length magnum opus The Wanderer. The latter film translates fellow artist Rory Macbeth’s mistranslation of Kafka from the original German text with no knowledge of German or a dictionary. In the ‘wet sequence’ section we follow the progress of Gregor, a tortured writer daubing paper with squid ink; a novel in the making, a mind unraveling, time stalled, distended and looping.

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