What kind of warfare has the world pursued since Obama took over directing the ‘War on Terror’? Are drone attacks and aerial surveillance legal? Susan Schuppli hosts a filmic interlude into her practice as an artist, researcher and pedagogue in relation to her work Uneasy Listening on view at Witte de With as part of Art In the Age Of…Asymmetrical Warfare. Schuppli will be in conversation with investigative journalist Chris Woods, author of Sudden Justice: America’s Drone Wars, to explicate and expand upon their research into the legality of the proliferation of the use of drones for covert surveillance and lethal attacks. Their discussion will be punctuated with extracts from the film Drone (2014), directed by Tonje Hessen Schei, which explores drone warfare, from the recruitment of pilots at gaming conventions, to their impact on the ground, and the civil rights activists campaigning against their use.