“What Mogt (Pepe Mogt, red.) makes of it is called NORTEC, a new breed of music that mixes traditional Mexican norteño and tambora riffs on the accordion, tuba and drums with electronica. In the two years since NORTEC was born, it has become the dominant sound of Tijuana’s cool set. But in the same way that rock ‘n’ roll is more than just the sum of a few chords, NORTEC has expanded well beyond some creative samples and a break beat.
Graphic artists, fashion designers and filmmakers have been inspired to shrug off Tijuana’s reputation as a cultural void and address the contrary realities of a place that’s neither First World nor Third World; a culture that is neither Mexican nor American; an economy propelled by the dual engines of drug traffic and high-tech maquiladoras; a large, stable middle class sandwiched between grotesque poverty and excessive narco wealth. The goal, simply, is to transform the strangeness of Tijuana into art.”
(Josh Tyrangiel in Time magazine, www.time.com)

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Nor-Tec Collective. The Tijana Sessions Vol.1. cd format (© Palm Pictures / Mil Records)
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