Following the successful first staging of this group ritual during Museumnight, artist Andrea Éva Győri returns to Witte de With to evoke the spirit of the tiger once more. In the framework of An exhibition with an audio script by Sarah Demeuse and Wendy Tronrud, as well as a soundtrack by Mario García Torres in collaboration with Sol Oosel, Győri was invited to create a new performance.

Invited to respond to the exhibition’s core theme –the phenomenon of dropping out–, Győri asks “How can we create a space to learn how to be nimble? A space to learn to stop? A space for being proud? A space for escape? A space for becoming a tiger?”
The artist invites the audience to join her in a collective ritual evoking the tiger, a symbol of strength and wildness, danger and beauty.

In her work, Andrea Éva Győri creates an intimate universe where the body is a meaningful agent of emotional and sensual expression. Through drawings, videos, and sculptures she explores questions surrounding sexuality, independence, pleasure, and healing.