“Identity is formed and transformed continuously in relation to the ways in which we are represented or addressed in the cultural systems which surround us.” — Stuart Hall

You are invited for the first SESSION of 2020, opening up experiences of migration, identity and the art of writing. In this hour we will be joined by special guests story-teller Melanta Ayon and singer-songwriter Marinella Iezzi, who will both give performances, share their personal stories, and start up conversations. This SESSION focuses on personal reflection and sharing as an important way to connect and to challenge the ongoing spectacle of the ‘other’.

‘The Spectacle of the ‘Other’ is a three-part series inspired by Stuart Hall and the edited anthology Representation (1997). During the series this book will be on sale in our MELLY bookshop.

SESSIONS are monthly events hosted in MELLY and based on collective learning, where ‘expertise’ is opened up through conversation, performance, music, art, books and neighborhood connections. Anyone who is interested in sharing and who has a joy of learning from different perspectives is welcome.

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The activities at MELLY are supported by the Droom en Daad Foundation.