Lecture by Francesco Bernardelli, followed by a BODYPOLITICX film program and music by DJ Fritz Ostermayer. In collaboration with the Off_Porn program of Off_Corso.

8:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Screaming Bodies, Silent Witnesses, lecture by Francesco Bernadelli (freelance curator, Turin and Amsterdam)
The contemporary topic of “Sexual Culture(s)” (ie. variations in habits, practices, forms and meanings related to specific socio-economic contexts) is understood as how people signify and make sense of the complex and contradictory phenomena involved with pornography, particularly in regard to the rapid growth and mainstreaming of the sex industries, now a globalized, networked model of labor. Professional sex workers are usually a silent presence within the literature on sex related work. How can one trace back and find ways of understanding these sex workers’ life-trajectories? Updated information and data are essential in the attempt to get closer – on one side – to the increasingly intermingled relations between pornography, drugs, trafficking and, ultimately, prostitution, and – on the other side – to the current body-fixation/fetishization and parallel marketing processes.

9:45 – 10:30 p.m.
Film program: An eclectic mix of art and porn films that show a bit of what BODYPOLITICX has to offer. Curator Florian Waldvogel comments on the sexual highlights of the arts and artistic highlights from the porn industry.

10:30 p.m – end
DJ Fritz Ostermayer turns the soundtracks from various porn flicks into a musical climax of panting and moaning. A combination of exhilration and music which will surely get the dance floor pumping.

Entrance: free
Location: Off Corso, Kruiskade 22, Rotterdam