Friday 2 December 2011

1:00 pm Meet at Witte de With (Witte de Withstraat 50) for an introduction to the project by Minouk Lim and Minwhee Lee, followed by a rehearsal of the song. If you have a musical instrument, please bring it with you.

2:00 pm The artist and performers will take to the streets of Rotterdam to sing together.

3:00 pm Regroup at Witte de With for refreshments.

Guidelines for International Calling Frequency

  • The intention is to pay tribute to abandoned sites and to those who have been expelled from any given situation.
  • Learn this song first by watching the video or the score posted online.
  • Fix and announce the time and place for the performance using Social Network Sites and other online means.
  • Once on site, do not gather in a cluster but stand apart from each other.
  • This song/performance aims to create a landscape of belief that ‘we’ sing together though you are singing alone in your spot.
  • This can be performed with or without instruments and is always on a voluntary basis.
  • All different interpretations of the original song are welcome and invited.
  • Among the participants, one person must give the sign to start.
  • Similar to a sinking ship sending out an SOS signal, this song is a calling frequency sent out to a world dreamed of. The song begins with humming, and has no written lyrics in a specific language.
  • In performing this song, it is highly recommended to write your own lyrics to it.
  • When the song is heard, it functions as a signal to comfort and encourage those who have been expelled. Layoffs due to discrimination become more and more common and as a result, we start to lose hope. While Neoliberalism tramples on our sense for compassion and memory, we sing to express our contempt.
  • This song is dedicated to potential unions. A union encouraged in this situation.