Artist Melvin Moti presents a program of artists’ films, from a.o Morroco and Japan, bringing together his own interests with those suggested by Jungen’s work.

Jungen’s practice crosses cultural boundaries and brings together disparate elements from “traditional” First Nations craftwork and contemporary conceptual art. In a Janus-like fashion, it looks simultaneously forwards and backwards, and reveals how Western and non-Western culture are deeply intertwined.

Artist Melvin Moti takes a similar approach, although the resulting work is very different from Jungen’s. Intrigued to see how their practices could intersect, Witte de With has invited Moti to respond to the exhibition. He proposes to create an evening of film and music exploring cross-cultural identity, which will also stand alone as an autonomous artistic commission.

Moti was born in 1977 in Rotterdam. Since completing his studies at the Academy in Tilburg and his post-graduate residency at De Ateliers, Amsterdam, he has exhibited widely in The Netherlands and beyond.