March 2019 — June 2019

Photographer: Sytze van der Wolk

Stijn Kemper (NL) became involved with Witte de With during the first Work / Learn Project in 2018, shortly after graduating Cultural and Social Education. This educational project was concerned with the new function of the gallery space on the ground floor, which was named Melly as a result of this project. During a fellowship, he then focused on the genesis of Ken Lum's Melly Shum Hates Her Job (1990), which led to the archive presentation About Melly Shum and various public activities. Stijn now works as a curator at Verhalenhuis Belvédère.


July 2019 — March 2021

Photographer: Kavita Badloe Jr.

Tayler Calister (1996) is a proud guitarist in Rotterdam. He is mainly involved in performing and giving guitar lessons. He is also a guitarist at the Vocalsz Foundation and has been working as a Fellow at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art for a year.
Here at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Tayler is involved in organizing events, most of which are music related.


April 2020 — October 2020

I am Ban Tawfiq, I am an architecture and the built environment student at the Technical University in Delft. During my bachelors I was encouraged by my professors to find inspiration in art, photography and film for my architectural designs. My investment in a ‘museumjaarkaart’ was definitely a game changer in my design process as was my participation in the work- learn project 2019/2020 of Witte de With.

I applied for the fellowship because I want to contribute to making Melly a dynamic space that is easily adjustable, accessible and sparks the curiosity of locals walking past it’s beautiful façade. Prior to being involved with the spatial design, I also want to propose a series of events in the spirit of the “Keynotes” or “Sessions”.

A regular work day in the life of a fellow at WdW starts with a delicious coffee at Melly while strolling through the bookshop. I discuss my ideas, my concepts and visions with Jessy, which provokes a brainstorm session. This eventually leads to new perspectives, inspiration and new to do’s. I either end my workday by participating at an event that’s being held at Melly or visiting the exhibitions that’s being held upstairs.


September 2020 — March 2021

Photographer: Jessy Koeiman

Nene Wilson ( Curacao) is a self-taught caribbean photographer who holds a Bachelor in Arts and Culture. While she graduated from Erasmus University became artistically known for her culturally nurturing and photographic platform on instagram, namely, Nenecreates. As she continues to represent Curacao in most of her work, she purposefully aims to create safe places for people of color while simultaneously shifting the culture of wellness and inclusion through a communal or collective lens.