19:00 Doors open
19:30 Deschooling / Deskilling, lecture by Vivian Sky Rehberg (presented by Witte de With)
20:30 t.z.t., by Sophie Krier (presented by TENT)
21:05 Film screening Rehearsing Revolution and book launch Authentic Boys
21:25 Performance by Authentic Boys
21:30 Drinks at the Consensus Bar

Deschooling / Deskilling
In the realm of contemporary art practice, deschooling and deskilling presuppose the possibility of forgetting—the forgetting of institutionalized modes of learning, with their structures and hierarchies, and the forgetting of skills or competencies one has acquired in order to mine some untapped well of artistic potential.
Vivian Sky Rehberg’s lecture contextualizes these terms and considers how they have infiltrated our discussions of art education, the recent ‘pedagogical turn’ in contemporary art, and the drive to devise alternative educational models over the past few decades. Rehberg will do so in order to sketch out some of the ideological implications of promoting deschooling and deskilling as radical artistic and educational modes under neoliberalism and to pose the question: who (or what) benefits most from deschooling and deskilling?

Sophie Krier and Authentic Boys
Transference has always been an important aspect in the way art is being received, but it is rather striking to see artists increasingly develop transfer models in their work over the recent years. Such is also the case of artist/designer Sophie Krier, who developed a youth project together with TENT, which distances itself from the pursuit of a quantifiable goal. During a period of three months, a group of youths worked in TENT without a predetermined goal; everything they encountered along the way could give rise to a new creative process.
In September last year the collective Authentic Boys presented Rehearsing Revolution in TENT, a project in which schoolchildren were incited to rebel against their own habits and exceed their limits. The project took the form of a scientific multiple-choice game, in which both ambitions and physical capacity were tested. The results of this study are compiled in the publication Rehearsing Revolution, which will be presented during this evening.

Lecture and book launch in Dutch