To accompany the exhibition Making is Thinking, curator Zoë Gray and Rotterdam-based artist Jay Tan will host a crafternoon in Witte de With’s library.

This informal event will explore ideas of making related to work, art and craft. It will pose a number of questions such as: the recent resurgence of interest in craft and its increasing association with political activism (aka craftivism); notions of work and time, in relation to both art production and hobbies or pastimes; and the way in which shared forms of making maintain a social appeal.

This event is open to all and entry is free of charge. Please bring with you something you are making or have recently made, by way of introduction.

NB: The discussion will be held in English.

Jay Tan is a recent graduate of Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute. She is interested in the notion of “pottering about,” which she uses to refer to activities that are not immediately associated with work or art, describing them as an “active form of leisure.” Her work is on show this month at Rongwrong in Amsterdam (19 Feb – 6 Mar 2011).