Aram Tanis in conversation with Renske Janssen. Tanis will bring his favorite TV fragments and film moments, including the film Samaritan Girl by Kim Ki-Duk, his favorite Oprah Winfrey show and a fragment of ‘Zomergasten’ with Joep van Lieshout.

Aram Tanis (b. 1978) is an Amsterdam-based artist who recently finished his studies at De Ateliers. Current themes in his works are isolation, mass of people and anonymity. The buildings and cityscapes in his photographs do not simply have the status of documents of city life, but rather confront the viewer with the bare realities of the contemporary human condition. For this conversation with curator Renske Janssen, Tanis will talk among others about the film Samaritan Girl (2004) which has had great influence on his practice.