Program—Youth Holiday Passport 2014
Youth Holiday Passport 2014

Art can be one big game. Play along at Witte de With and discover that the secret is that you have to sometimes look twice. Dance with palm trees and check if you’re not seeing things double.

In the context of the Youth Holiday Passport our youngest visitors are invited to join us at Witte de With for voyage of discovery. With a special assignment in hand young travelers will set out on an exploration of the objects and stories from The Part in The Story Where a Part Becomes A Part of Something Else.

Participants with a Youth Holiday Passport have free entrance to Witte de With and can bring one adult for free.

The assignment sheet is available for at the desk during visiting hours at Witte de With: Tuesday till
Friday 11am to 6pm, in the period July 19th till August 17th 2014.

This activity is suitable for children ages 4 to 12.