The 2019 Work-Learn Project participants were: Yahaira Brito Morfe, Merel Drop, Kid Feng, Ayumi Rosa Filippone, April Geoffrey, Eren Kalpoe, Merlijn Mollinga, Ban Tawfiq, Jemimah Vaughan, Aqueene Wilson.

These ten participants worked for six months on a new identity and the development of MELLY with the goal to present a proposal for the upcoming 4 year cultural policy.

During these six months the participants followed 2 workshops/masterclasses each month to prepare and develop their knowledge on culture and policy. The workshops/masterclasses were given by:

Florian Cramer

A presentation about where we see culture in Rotterdam. Which institutions/organizations are involved and successful.

Odair Pereira

A workshop about fashion design and how to incorporate culture in this specific discipline. How to apply ideas and thoughts to Melly.

Stijn Kemper (2018 WLP participant)

A tour through Verhalenhuis Belvedire with a presentation about the history of this organization and its vision on arts and culture. Alsoa conversation of personal experiences with FKA Witte de With and its Work-learn project.

Mitchell Esajas

A presentation about the Black Archives and its origins with a group discussion on arts & culture and the institutions. What are the main differences between different cultural institutions. How come that smaller organizations are more popular.

Kees Weeda

Presentation about the history and existence of cultural policy.

Teana Boston–Mammah

Workshop about formulating our personal interests and visions. How can we create one and the same vision with the group. What do we think is important to acknowledge within this process.

JanPier Brands

Tour through WORM with a group discussion about the combination of cultural policy and a cultural institution.

Silvana Sodde

Workshop writing. How can you write creatively? What is the best way to be convincing with your writing? Are we writing conceptually or straight to the point.

Avril Hensen

Feedback session on what has been written as a cultural policy proposal. Is it clear? What to add what to skip?

Mohamed Chajid, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat (2018 WLP Participants)

Reflecting on the process. What did we learn in this project and what will we take with us. What did we bring to the table as group and what were our expectations?

A short video documentary by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers & Nohely Koeyers, named, Half&Half pictures the collective learning process of this second edition of the Work-Learn Project. Watch it below.