Across the Board is launched by Witte de With in 2016 as a new long-term platform for professional cultural development at the intersection of arts, the public and the private domain. Led by visiting tutors – significant agents in the fields of art, business, and politics – a select group of promising professionals will work together to locate and re-evaluate the shared values between their respective domains and to confront the opposing philosophies and methodological frictions that arise through their exchange. The program, with a series of masterclasses at its core, will attempt to co-formulate a more pluralized and nuanced trajectory, to be activated within their independent domains and within the cultural field at large.

Tutors include Viktor Misiano (curator, critic, and editor of contemporary art), Hedy d'Ancona (Dutch politician, sociologist, and feminist educated as social geographer), Jeanne Gaakeer (Professor of Jurisprudence: Hermeneutical and Narrative Foundations at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Justice in the Criminal Law section of the Appellate Court of The Hague), Tirzo Martha (visual artist and co-founder of Buena Bista - Curaçao Center for Contemporary Art), and Tom Cummings (executive board and senior management adviser).

The selection for the 2017 program presents a combination of Dutch and international participants, with backgrounds and practices in the public and the private sector, and professional profiles ranging from independent artists and museum professionals to fundraisers and policy makers from the visual arts, performing arts, architecture, education, and science.

We look forward to start this year’s program with the following participants:

Andrea Abbatangelo

Katrien Devroe
Policy officer Flemish ministry of culture

Tanja Elstgeest
Director Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

Lore Gablier
Program officer European Cultural Foundation

Katharina Grosser
Head development NEMO Science Museum

Alexandra Landre
Independent curator, tutor Royal Academy of the Arts The Hague

Nicolle van Lith
Policy officer performing arts and culture education Provence of Limburg

Nicola Mullenger
Program officer European Cultural Foundation

Laurence Judith Ostyn
Trainee Museumvereniging

Zoë Sawyer
Independent curator, creative practitioner

Bente Spigt
Network/friends manager Het Nieuwe Instituut

Brenda Tempelaar
Artist, critic

Lise van Zaalen
Coordinator AKV|St.Joost Master Institute, researcher Platform BK

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For general information about Across the Board, please contact Yoeri Meessen: [email protected].