The Satellite of Love catalogue was published in conjunction with the Satellite of Love project, presented by Witte de With, TENT, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) from January 26 through March 26, 2006.

During the IFFR of 2006 (January 26 – February 5), the building on the Witte de Withstraat served as the nerve center of IFFR’s ‘Exploding Television’ program. As in previous years, this program focused on recent developments within digital technology that have had an influence upon or brought about substantial shifts in (audio) visual culture. Over a period of ten days, the headquarters of a veritable TV commune was stationed at the Satellite of Love exhibition. A ‘love nest’ where five international TV units conceived, produced, edited and broadcasted programs on the spot. In addition, a whole range of television-related installations were on show in Witte de With until the end of March.

Throughout the IFFR, Satellite of Love had been complemented by a space (for reflection) where guests had the opportunity to share their thoughts about the future of television, during public discussions in the afternoon and evening-Tea Time TV and TV Dinners, respectively – thus creating a lively context for interaction and reflection.