Program—The World Turned Inside Out
The World Turned Inside Out
25 May – 18 August 2013

Could specularized narratives and the impasse of modern rationalism be producing a world devoid of wonder? But consider that knowledge never draws straight lines... Drafting from unexpected maps and courses of knowledge, and reactivating pre-modern anchors, Witte de With enables the development of artistic practices in collaboration with a set of international protagonists who, by linking and delinking across fields, seek to debunk historical narratives guided by traditional educational models. These investigations set in motion new paths of inquiry respectively, replete with desire, curiosity, and speculation.

On 25 May 2013 The World Turned Inside Out begins with a dynamic series of seven events taking place at Witte de With throughout the summer and orchestrated by the program’s protagonists and their guests from the fields of the arts, academia, and science. Continuing into the Fall of 2013, lines of inquiry extend into the curatorial, educational and online publishing activities of Witte de With, and culminate with the establishment of a collaborative network of partner organizations, both in Rotterdam and throughout the world.