Program—Prompts & Triggers
Prompts & Triggers
26 April 2012 – 6 January 2013

While talk is thick these days about crisis, be they economical, ecological, cultural, or even spiritual, a larger question looms: how and where to situate value, especially in a context as diverse as the European continent? Already riddled with moving-target projections and contradictory positions—such as the game of keeping a rising China or a potent Turkey at bay, while attempting to capitalize on them at the same time, or the conscious and subconscious anxieties produced when personal religiosity is expected to be surrendered in favor of a secular public body— it would seem that different and differing interests are not easily encompassed in neat packages. Prompts & Triggers is a series of propositions by artists who call attention to certain conditions which spur social anxieties—and in doing so, ponder if such defense mechanisms actually betray underlying divides which must be first unpacked and examined.