Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition Hélio Oiticica, Witte de With presented the C.E.E. project (1989-1992) by the Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas (1942): the united Europe symbolised in the form of a mundane object, a giant carpet with the image of the European flag.

With his C.E.E. project, Muntadas sought to focus attention on the relationship between cultural symbols and the economy as well as to question the objectives and economic prowess of the European Community. The cultural future of a United Europe was presented in the form of a 6 by 4 meter carpet that represented the European flag with a depiction of the member country’s currency in each of the twelve stars. Copies of the carpet were exhibited in other European cities, such as Brussels, Dublin, London, Madrid, Montpellier and Porto. The project was an initiative of the Kanaal Art Foundation in Kortrijk.