What do you stand for? We all know the standards: don’t murder, world peace, end human suffering.

But what is your day to day manifesto? What are the principles that you want to live by, or do already live by, but have never thought to write down?

Is it to laugh more frequently?
To dance like no one is looking?
To always have something red in your bedroom?

What is your manifesto?

Join the Parallel Curriculum Team on this journey in writing your Manifesto of Self in a guided writing workshop (IN THE DARK!) led by Rosa Elk. It will be something different, playful, spontaneous. A little bit fun, a little bit serious.

This event is organized by the participants of Parallel Curriculum, Witte de With’s student-led program.

About Parallel Curriculum

Studium Witte de With’s Parallel Curriculum is a peer-led education initiative by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Each year, a select group of students collaborate across academic and creative disciplines to bridge different fields of knowledge in higher education, culminating the programming of student-led events.

Parallel Curriculum’s Class of ’19: Maud Berden (Piet Zwart Institute), Rosa Elk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Sander Hintzen (Stockholms Universitet), Jasmijn van der Linden (RASL Double Degree), Salvador Miranda (Piet Zwart Institute), and Adam Patterson (Piet Zwart Institute).