Recently, Artists Space was occupied by a group of artists during one of their public events. It was one of the many “Occupy” activities happening in New York. Artists Space was taken by surprise and was faced with the question of how should an institution deal with its audience in a moment when their aim is to take over the space. And, to what extent should an institution serve its public and the public serve an institution?

During the two-day master class, various aspects of the idea of ‘public’ are explored. For instance, some of the questions raised are: What is the difference between the public in an institution such as Witte de With and one such as Artists Space? Does an audience determine the identity of a given institution? At which point should a curator question whether a particular exhibition is interesting for a particular audience?

The master class is addressed to students who are part of a Masters program or recent holders of a Masters degree and follow(ed) courses in Curatorial Studies and/or Artistic Research. It will be held at Witte de With and take place on both Sunday 27th and Monday 28th of November from 11 am to 5 pm.