Joep van Lieshout’s new project ‘New Tribal Labyrinth’ creates an ongoing series of work in which recurring themes such as the organization of labor, the structures of power and revolution are brought together in relation to the idea of the end of resources and subsequent self-sufficiency. Following the idea of a radical shift in our extremely advanced and complex society, a new world order is foreseen, a society inhabited by newly formed tribes and cultures that return to farming, industry and the importance of rituals. In this artist talk, Van Lieshout expands on the themes behind ‘New Tribal Labyrinth’ and invites a war philosopher to discuss the nature of the ‘New Tribal Labyrinth’, fluctuating between dystopia and utopia.

With Rob de Wijk (Director, Den Haag Center for Strategical Studies)

Admission fee: €5 / €3 with discount