We warmly invite you to Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art for The Soft Screening – a queer short film screening.

The Soft Screening aims to create a temporary space specifically for and by queer bodies. The shorts expand on the stories and voices of those using moving images and sound to navigate what love, life and sexuality are and can be. Resulting from a recent open call, selected short films will be screened, followed by the opportunity to engage in dialogue with some of the makers.


  • Let Me Try to Explain, Hanna Stenman
  • The Queerifier, yEs!yEs!
  • A Real Girl, Praewa Bulthaweenan (Bink)
  • A Room of Oblivion, Dorothy Cheung
  • INTI SIKI (Sun Ass), Frau Diamanda a.k.a Hector Acuña
  • Queering, Zachary Schoenhut
  • The Drum Tower, regisseur Fan Popo en producent Jenny Man Wu

This event is organized by the participants of Parallel Curriculum, Witte de With’s student-led program.

This is event will follow WORKSHOP: Manifesto of Self and includes a tea and snack break beforehand.

About Parallel Curriculum

Studium Witte de With’s Parallel Curriculum is a peer-led education initiative by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Each year, a select group of students collaborate across academic and creative disciplines to bridge different fields of knowledge in higher education, culminating the programming of student-led events.

Parallel Curriculum’s Class of ’19: Maud Berden (Piet Zwart Institute), Rosa Elk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Sander Hintzen (Stockholms Universitet), Jasmijn van der Linden (RASL Double Degree), Salvador Miranda (Piet Zwart Institute), and Adam Patterson (Piet Zwart Institute). The Soft Screening is led by Jasmijn van der Linden. With thanks to external advice by Angelica Falkeling, Parallel Curriculum alumna as well as a member of Tender Center Rotterdam.

A note on accessibility and services: Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art has an automatic entrance door and a heavy door that opens manually. The steps leading up to the ground floor have a wheelchair lift. The rest of the floors are levelled and wheelchair accessible via the elevator. There is wheelchair accessible bathroom on the ground floor with a door that opens manually. Gender neutral toilets present halfway between the ground- and first floor.