Artist Wapke Feenstra presents a personal selection of publications, that will subsequently be part of the book inventory in MELLY. The selection includes a list of books that will shed light on "the rural" from different perspectives. Feenstra wonders: How can we draw a diverse culture?

Working in and on THE RURAL is not just another topic - it is an institutional criticism of urban hegemony and centrifugation in art and culture. The countryside is nowadays consumed more than experienced, which means that pre-consumptions starts taking over and gazing is common. This is dangerous. Because it is precisely at the land where agriculture, mining and tourism come together, we all have a role as consumers in what the rural looks like.

Join us for TALK with Wapke Feenstra, in which the artist will share how she approaches the theme in her artistic practice and what literature it has nourished over the years. A selection from the reading list will be available and for sale in MELLY.

This program is a collaboration between Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and TENT Rotterdam, part of Witte de With's BOOK TALKS series, and in conjunction to the simultaneous exhibition Boerenzij at TENT (from 11 October 2019 until 12 January 2020).