Experimental publication platform oneacre.online finds a physical manifestation at Untitled, Witte de With’s ground floor gallery, presenting a new publication by Eline Benjaminsen and Sophie Dyer. With a guest contribution by Sasha Engelmann, lecturer in GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway University of London, who will respond to the work of Benjaminsen and Dyer.

What began as a photograph of the Earth's techno-geographies, is now textured by the electromagnetic conditions of the planet. An image borne of radio waves. An anti-pattern, a fossil.

At 0.2 Hz, scientists in the Finnish arctic listen for Very Low Frequencies that index industrial, military and cosmic activity. At 3 – 30 GHz the the radio relays of financial traders converge and compete for lines-of-sight at the French port of Calais. At 2.4 GHz an NGO prototypes Wi-Fi kits for use in European refugee camps and by sea rescue vessels. This is a politics of radio. A parallel wireless world, modulated by intergovernmental treaties, corporate monopolies, ionospheric conditions, and the radio-active cycles of our Sun.

This event is part of Kunstavond XL.