‘When Witte de With and TENT invited me to design a new project for Shared Space #3, the name of the space soon gave me the idea of a circular bench that would divide the space into an anonymous public section, and an intimate shared space. The wooden bench is made from one 10 meter-long solid beam. This beam has been sawn into pieces in a particular manner, whereby it curls up into one big circle, within which the grain of the wood runs continuously. The visitor to Shared Space #3 can find intimacy in the space by taking a seat on the inside of the circular bench. One can also choose for a little more separation by sitting on the outside. In addition, the visitor can leave their comments using a pen tied to the wall with a piece of string. In time, this will result in a circle of thoughts. In Shared Space #3 one can also spend time gaining knowledge; books and publications of Witte de With and TENT are attached to the wall magnetically.’

(Chris Kabel on his design, Rotterdam 2010)