A program of 16mm films by filmmakers who have been guests at the film workplace (run by Esther Urlus, Rotterdam) in recent years or will be working there this year. All the artists are active in the field of experimental film, and were (or are) invited by the film workplace to share their expertise in workshops and as guest programmers in Rotterdam. This program places their personal work in the spotlight, work that is characterized by distinctly individual approaches to the film medium.


Tony Hill (UK) – Downside Up; 16mm, 17min
Matt Hulse (UK) -Take Me Home; 16mm, 7 min
Inger Lise Hansen (N) – Hus; 16mm, 7 min
Martha Colburn (NL/USA) – Cats Amoré; 16mm, 5 min
Kerry Laitala (USA) – Secure the Shadow… ; 16mm, 9 min
Rebecca Moran (NL/USA) – Patricia Margot; 16mm, 7 min
Jeff Scher (USA) – Yours; 16mm, 4 min

Also see www.filmwerkplaats.nl.