Laure van den Hout (1986)
Sarah Késenne (1980)
Fabiënne Rachmadiëv (1985)


Laurens Otto (1988)
Richtje Reinsma (1979)
Sam de Wilde (1982)

Because the quality of the applications for the new category Visual Criticism didn’t match the ambitions of the jury, there will be no award for this category this year. Naturally the organisation will continue to stimulate this new initiative, which is why part of the award ceremony will be dedicated to the category Visual Criticism.

During the festive award ceremony on Thursday December 11 at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the winners will be announced from 5 pm at the Teijin Auditorium. A reservation is required: please send an e-mail stating your full name, e-mail adres and phone number at [email protected] titled ‘Award ceremony Prize for Young Art Criticism, December 11, 2014’.

Tickets: €2.50 plus museum entrance.

Mondriaan Fonds, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, de Appel arts centre, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, STUK Kunstencentrum and Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren are proud to present this prize for the fourth time. The prize is initiated by these collaborating institutions to foster and promote a lively and critical art debate around art production and art writing in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This is a Dutch competition; young art critics are invited to submit a Dutch essay, review or video-essay. For more information, and all terms and conditions, see