“The space is not the battlefield any more,” wrote Jorge Pardo in an early publication by Witte de With [Cahier #2, 1994]. “The images are finally going to stand in for the space, for the quality, of the object. I do not necessarily think of that as something which is eroding the quality of the work; it is more a condition.”
Pardo provides an intriguing characterization of the transition from production to re-production that was evident in the art industry of the 1990s. This development is not exclusive to artistic production; within exhibition practice the publication has become an integral component of the impact, visibility and identity of exhibitions.
What prompted the proliferation of printed material? How does this printed matter relate to the production of installations, performances, film, video, and the globally accessible Internet? And what is the status of the collection of unsold publications, a growing entity stacked away in the storerooms of institutions and galleries? These are the some of the questions that will be addressed during Printing Matters.

Program Saturday April 2

1 p.m.
Interview Christoph Keller by Hans Maarten van den Brink
Panel discussion with: Shumon Basar (Sexymachinery, Tank-magazine), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Point d’Ironie, Do it), Daniël van der Velden (designer, writer) , Anton Vidokle (e-flux, Manifesta 6)

3.30 p.m.
State of Distribution, panel discussion with: Borgerhoff & Lamberigts nv (printing on demand), Christoph Boutin (onestar press), Astrid Vorstermans (Valiz)

4.30 p.m.
Book presentations: Do it (Revolver) / Hans Ulrich Obrist
Under Fire. 2 (Witte de With)

5 p.m. Opening

Program Sunday April 17

1 p.m.
Panel discussion with: Nina Folkersma (Quarantine Series), Fucking Good Art, L.A.T., Maria Lind (Iaspis), Lisette Smits ( Casco Issues), Etienne Wynants (Etablissement d’en face)

3 p.m.
Presentation PrintROOM