Join us for THE ORACLE OF DELFT, a performance by Anna Franceschini in celebration of our Winter season exhibition opening. Franceschini is interested in decorative objects and their display mechanisms, as well as in what the artist refers as the “secret soul” of the objects that people choose to surround themselves with. Relatedly, she explores notions of fetishism and of objects believed to have extraordinary powers.

A multimedia performance, THE ORACLE OF DELFT, uses souvenirs as mnemonic devices symbolizing a personal journey. Francheschini frames these souvenirs to socialize what is missing in the collection of objects that have widely come to stand for a given cultural identity; she abstracts them from their token status in order to socialize unspoken or burdened histories surrounding their representational dominance. This is achieved with a purposefully multi-directional narrative and temporalities.

Camera and stage operators: Anna Franceschini and Annalisa Urti, Sound design: Lorenzo dal Ri
Courtesy the artist and Galeria Vera Cortês, Lisbon, and Vistamare | Vistamare Studio, Pescara |Milano