During the Rotterdam museum night, Saturday March 4, Witte de With is putting a selection of her collection of art books on sale. Among these publications you can find magnificent catalogues, artist publications and monographies. Why are we selling? Witte de With has just gone through a thorough reorganisation of the library, and instead of just throwing out the surplus Witte de With would like to offer her public a splendid purchase for only one euro per kilo.

Apart from the sale, it is also possible to visit the exhibition Satellite of Love until two o’clock in the morning.

Opening hours during museum night: 8.00 pm – 02.00 am.
Admission on presentation of the museum night pass, the passes are purchasable at the desk of Witte de With and TENT. and several other presale locations.
Presale -11,- / During museum night – 15,-
Owners of a CJP receive 2,- discount.

For an overview of all the events and other presale addresses see website www.rotterdamsemuseumnacht.nl.