Films included are Nightfall, 2002 (70′); Civil War, 2000 (85′); Tango of Yearning, 1998 (70′).

Tango of Yearning is the first episode of a trilogy on postwar Lebanon. It is based on the directors recollections on war, love and cinema, as well as his personal experience at the public TV channel ‘Tele-Liban’.

The second episode, Civil War, tells the story of Mohamed Doaybess – a well known Lebanese assistant director and production manager, who left his home and never returned. After several months of disappearance, he was found dead in a deserted building in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

In Nightfall the filmmaker returns to his diaries and recounts his time in ‘The Student Squad’ of the Palestinian resistance Movement ‘Fateh’, during the Lebanese Civil War. The filmmaker tells his story through drunken friends nursing their loneliness with poetry, cheer and song.