The right to speech, or more specifically, the age-old question of who gets to speak, for whom, and why, is yet again embattled through various forms of social, political, and economic sanctions; this delegation, which brings together writers, artists, and editors of varying stripes, will pair two seemingly contradictory types of reporting — traditional news journalism, and the theater — to delineate how forms of voice, be they factual or poetical, provide differing means to stoke the public. The session will feed around Witte de With's arts & culture journal WdW Review (both on-line and in-print), with readings from its various sections as well as a conversation between the review’s founding editors, Defne Ayas & Adam Kleinman, the editor of the Moscow Desk, Natalia Antonova, and curator and researcher, Antonia Majaca.

This event organised by Witte de With as a response to Creative Time's invitation and is presented as part of ON HOMELANDS AND THE STATELESS AS THE WORLD TILTS RIGHT.

About the symposium

Creative Time and Fast Forward Festival come together in Athens to co-present On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right, an international symposium investigating the challenges facing artists and activist communities under our prevailing economic and political conditions.

The symposium brings together representatives from cultural organizations across the globe and working locally (North America, South-East Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, Southern Africa, Greece), who have each invited artists, activists, social workers, and scholars from the same geography, to share critical, practice-based perspectives on art and politics as experienced from their specific regions.