Program—Workshop Visual – Language
Workshop Visual – Language
12 June 2019 – 30 June 2020

In addition to our long term education programs we develop workshops that allow us to have a closer look at Witte de With's program and it’s themes. The workshop Visual – Language makes student combine poetics and visual art. They explore cultural and personal story’s. The Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña, poet and activist works with words like she works the land; sowing and reaping. For the artist words are maybe the only acceptable weapons existing in this world. The Rotterdam based spoken word artist Bjorn Romy uses his humor to brake with and talk about taboos; Philosophical hilarity. Inspired by these two artist the students make their own piece of art and present their work to the rest of the group. For this workshop all we need is your presence, the story’s we share and our visual - language.