Ban Tawfiq

I am Ban Tawfiq, I am an architecture and the built environment student at the Technical University in Delft. During my bachelors I was encouraged by my professors to find inspiration in art, photography and film for my architectural designs. My investment in a ‘museumjaarkaart’ was definitely a game changer in my design process as was my participation in the work- learn project 2019/2020 of Witte de With.

I applied for the fellowship because I want to contribute to making Melly a dynamic space that is easily adjustable, accessible and sparks the curiosity of locals walking past it’s beautiful façade. Prior to being involved with the spatial design, I also want to propose a series of events in the spirit of the “Keynotes” or “Sessions”.

A regular work day in the life of a fellow at WdW starts with a delicious coffee at Melly while strolling through the bookshop. I discuss my ideas, my concepts and visions with Jessy, which provokes a brainstorm session. This eventually leads to new perspectives, inspiration and new to do’s. I either end my workday by participating at an event that’s being held at Melly or visiting the exhibitions that’s being held upstairs.