Across the Board is Witte de With’s new long-term platform for professional development through cross-disciplinary conversation. Led by visiting tutors – significant agents in the fields of art, business, and politics – a select group of promising professionals will work together to locate and re-evaluate the shared values between their respective domains and to confront the opposing philosophies and methodological frictions that arise through their exchange. The programme, with a series of masterclasses at its core, will attempt to co-formulate a more pluralized and nuanced trajectory, to be activated within their independent domains and within the cultural field at large.

Tutors include Renilde Steeghs (ambassador of International Cultural Cooperation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Ron Soonieus (managing partner of cultural leadership firm Camunico, former Managing Director ABN AMRO), Gabriel Lester (artist and filmmaker), Wilfried Lentz (owner of gallery Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam), Martijn Sanders (chairman of the board of Holland Festival, former director of Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam) and Jeanne Gaakeer (professor by special appointment in law and literature at the Erasmus University Rotterdam). On 30 September, the 2016 series kicks off with a keynote session by Cuauhtémoc Medina (Mexico- based curator, critic and historian).  

Applications for the programme came in from five countries and from a variety of professions, including visual art, literature, architecture, and design, with inspired applicants from both the public and private sector. 

We look forward to start this year’s program with the following participants: 

  • R.S. de Boer (Droog Design, Ph.D. candidate VU Amsterdam)
  • Marie-Louise Calame (project manager FestivalTickets, coordinator and project leader IFFR Rotterdam, Wereldhavendagen Rotterdam)
  • Floor Margarita Cornelisse (social designer, chairman Beeldkanon cooperative, member peer group De GoedeDagvoorzitters)
  • Seren Dalkiran (co-founder Synergized Earth Network, initiator Millennial Motion, Duurzame Jonge 100)
  • Benedine Dassen (sr. policy advisor Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Heritage and Arts)
  • Nataly van Driel (sr. policy advisor Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Heritage and Arts)
  • Maite García Lechner (programme manager European Cultural Foundation)
  • Manus Groenen (university lecturer Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Tynke Hiemstra (head of art education Kunst Centraal, chair workgroup of culture GroenLinks Utrecht)
  • Anne Janssen (programmer Passa Porta, international house of literature Brussels)
  • Annika Kappner (artist)
  • Maria Lamslag (Kunsten '92, Research & Stories)
  • Aurélie Lever (assistant general director Nederlands Dans Theater)
  • Chiara Nuzzi (independent curator, artistic director Sonic Somatic)
  • Claartje Opdam (project manager EYE Filmmuseum)
  • Mihaela Radescu (freelance architect, exhibition designer, researcher)
  • Marieke Tiesinga (analyst ABN AMRO)
  • Jaurana Verschuren (secretary NVTC, Dutch Association for Supervision in Arts & Culture)
  • Martine Zoeteman (founder STADVOGELS, coordinator temporary programs Sandberg Institute)

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For general information about Across the Board, please contact Yoeri Meessen: [email protected].

Across the Board is supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the Pauwhof Fund.