The 2018 Work-Learn Project participants were: Gizem Adanur, Chloe Blansjaar, Tayler Calister, Mohamed Chajid, Sjoerd van Kampen, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat, Joy Ravenswaaij en Sytze van der Wolk. These nine participants worked for six months on a new identity and the development of the goal to create continuous change within the institution by inclusivity and collective learning activities.

During these six months the participants followed 3 workshops/masterclasses each month to prepare and develop their knowledge on identity. The workshops/masterclasses were given by:

  • Jan Pier Brands; Introduction of an Art Institution
  • Alia Azzouzi; Entrepreneurship
  • Florian Cramer; visual culture
  • Mitchell Esajas; Hidden Contemporary Racism
  • Zoe Cochia; Cultural Heritage
  • Jan van Heemst; Discrimination and Intersectionality
  • Nathalie Cijntje; Identity
  • Krista Jantowski; Entrepreneurship
  • Teana Boston-Mammah; Social Identity
  • Vincent de Boer; Calligraphy
  • Odair Pereira; Fashion Design/Branding
  • Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy; Institutional Naming

A short video documentary by Merijn van den Brand pictures the collective learning process involved in naming MELLY, Witte de With’s ground-floor gallery. Watch it below.