About—Hatton Gallery
Hatton Gallery

The Hatton stages a program of historical, modern and contemporary art exhibitions. Over recent years this program has included historical monographs, diverse partnership projects and new commissions from leading contemporary artists. The Hatton’s permanent collection comprises over 3,500 works, ranging from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and includes works in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.
The Hatton Gallery also runs a learning program involving schools, individuals & community groups. The program engages participants through a variety of drop-in activities, formal workshops and long-term partnership projects. The Hatton Gallery is now part of the Great North Museum. The Great North Museum combines the designated natural history collections from the former Hancock Museum with Greek and Etruscan objects from the former Shefton Museum and the significant prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon collections of the former Museum of Antiquities with fine and decorative arts from the Hatton.