About—A.P.E (Art Projects Era)
A.P.E (Art Projects Era)

A.P.E (art projects era) wants to challenge the limitations of given structures. The aim of the organization is to develop projects (performances, exhibitions, printed matter, meetings) that cannot necessarily be realized within traditional institutional formats or frameworks. A.P.E is initiated in 2010 by artist Keren Cytter and curators Maaike Gouwenberg and Kathy Noble. In 2012, A.P.E expanded to New York and in 2014 to London. Keren Cytter runs A.P.E from New York, and Maaike Gouwenberg runs the Rotterdam, and Kathy Noble runs the London based part. Since 2013 A.P.E started to publish books and to work with guest curator Fleur van Muiswinkel.

Since 2014 Sternberg Press is the publisher and distributor of the Atlantic Search Engine and following publications.