Presentatie van het project Rouwaysset: A Modern Vernacular door Tony Chakar en Naji Assi.
Spreektaal Engels. (No Dutch text available)
Rouwaysset: A Modern Vernacular, 2000

A work carried out by Naji Assi, Tony Chakar, and the students of ALBA in Rouwaysset, a city set in the northern outskirts of Beirut. A critical examination of the views centered on cities and their poorer suburbs – mainly the view which looks at these suburbs as an incomprehensible mass of chaos and irrationality. This process led to re-examining the ways in which these ideas are usually conveyed, in language and mass-produced images, of course, but also – and more importantly – in post-Renaissance architectural drawing, the logical consequence of perspective, or the illusion of three-dimensional narrative space.